The Mandalorian (2019)

The Mandalorian (2019)

Set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order, we follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.

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  1. Groovy

    So much scrubbing :(

  2. Corey

    You stupid idiots, season 1 has 8 episodes, season 2 comes after few months. takes 3 sec to go to imdb and look it up, there's even a link here. Christ!

  3. Ashman

    Next series...???

  4. roof1

    next episode ???

  5. yeet boi

    lovely!! Not that much of a Star Wars fan but I'm thoroughly enjoying this and this website got it figured out pretty well

  6. subtosizzleyt

    cool my first time watchin star wars related thigs exept fortnite

  7. eee


  8. Vegard

    The fact that episode 8 was put up ~33 minutes after its release is amazing. I found my new home

  9. Sebastianeq

    I like it! :D

  10. ...

    Bruh what is this I legit gotta wait like an hour for the episode to load a minute

  11. BatFlix

    Here @Vegard

  12. Vegard

    Spamming F5 waiting for ep. 8!!!

  13. BatFlix

    @AkaDk To the people experiencing interruptions below, please make sure your browser is up-to-date. If its stuck at 0:00, wait while it starts

  14. AkaDk

    @BatFlix how do i get it to play mine just says 0:00|0:00 for time

  15. AkaDk

    How do i watch it when i click the play button it does nothing but sit at 00:00

  16. Ok boomer

    Ep.3 didnt play

  17. BatFlix

    Everything works on Safari now!

  18. Valnski

    works perfectly, thank you very much! Disney can suck my ****. :)

  19. BatFlix

    To the people experiencing interruptions below, please make sure your browser is up-to-date. If buffering is frequent, pause the video for a minute and continue after.

  20. Mandaloriansarmourisepic

    please can you find a way of reducing the buffering, it is not my internet as it works with many other shows on this site.

  21. luda

    @BATFLAME it doesnt load lmao


    @BabyYodaFromCompton How do u xpec u get support when u give no explanation fam?

  23. smallDickJedi

    dat ep7 cliffhanger tho!!

  24. BabyYodaFromCompton

    Damn fam Not working this is wack blood

  25. NEWEP

    You're so fast, ilove you batflix

  26. Krey

    Working perffectly for me thxx

  27. Crunchynapkin

    Last episode not working

  28. Hairy wiener man

    Hey nigs and whites why tf this site buffering so much

  29. jovani

    it work!

  30. Jeff

    not working

  31. Bufferee

    Episode 6 mandalorian fails to buffer on IOS safari

  32. Mandalorian

    Loved the 6th episode. This is my favorite show right now!!!!! Thanks for the flawless stream btw

  33. Nigor

    ep 6's not working, pls fix

  34. Boba Fett


  35. braXXton

    works perfectly!!! you r the best thank you

  36. Porno man

    Buffers plz fix

  37. Lucky Larry

    Thank you!

  38. Steve_M

    Thanks bruh, works perfectly

  39. DaBro

    Something wromg. Was working fine previously. Now it buffers every few seconds. Please fix.

  40. Bruh


  41. lambruh

    (from post below referring to the Episode #5)

  42. lambruh

    Extremely slow buffer, something is wrong with this upload

  43. Spoonicle

    It’s not working for me idk why

  44. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Mandalore really went to **** after Satine died.

  45. Avatar Aang

    When we hit our lowest point we are open to the greatest change

  46. bob

    lag so much

  47. Yung Ti

    Best feee movie site better than 123 for sure

  48. sad clown

    keeps skipping

  49. Yoda

    Best site i've seen on reddit. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Quality

    Quality stream. No ads. Keeep it this way!

  51. TheForce

    Ohh man... this will be so awesome