Parasite (2019)

Parasite (2019)


All unemployed, Ki-taek's family takes peculiar interest in the wealthy and glamorous Parks for their livelihood until they get entangled in an unexpected incident.
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  1. Bertha

    Eat fish

  2. Frankium

    Francesca is goo

  3. Dude

    I wish he could stay with his girlfriend though

  4. Big jo

    This movie had to many wtf moments

  5. Rose

    Watched it 3 times, amazing movie. Thanks for the best site for movies!

  6. unwatchable

    Horizontal frame split issue in the middle of the screen

  7. Bug head

    It does have sub title

  8. Yooop

    I been tryina watch this for abt 2months, and just nw seeing the sub was located in the left corner. Finally,Really

  9. subsyay

    Damn that was good

  10. BatFlix

    @kkka subtitles are activated as soon as you press the subtitle icon left from the settings icon.

  11. kkka

    yall need to pt the subtitles on,gt folks sayin this top 3,4 films of 2019

  12. why no subs

    no subtitles

  13. Nana

    Yes ! Amazing quality! But no subtitles lol!!

  14. aaa

    nice no subtitles