Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

Spencer returns to the world of Jumanji, prompting his friends, his grandfather and his grandfather’s friend to enter a different and more dangerous version to save him.
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  1. J76yjj


  2. juanji


  3. Mmmmmm Toes

    Toes taste good

  4. okboomer

    I like anime

  5. help

    Takes forever to watch coz keeps pausing every 2 minutes

  6. STC_iq

    fix the stopping

  7. u suckk

    batflix pls fix the stopin and wassup with that porn video??>.

  8. trash

    fix the stoping

  9. trash


  10. Jack

    It keeps stopping fix

  11. Bert simpman

    EaT pAnT

  12. Fix ya shit

    Brooo it keeps stopping every time **** so ass

  13. bigdog

    wassup up with all the damn porn games !!

  14. You

    Takes a year to load the movie

  15. will smith

    this sucks

  16. hh2

    lot of porn is showing up on the main page

  17. Cici33421

    At least we get to watch it tho im happy😊

  18. Travis7

    Raze stfu stupid people all around you ? Lol u gay cunt

  19. Raze

    Lol, are you guys stupid? Movie is still in cinemas, you go watch there if you want HD. Stupid people all around me man..........

  20. Travis7

    Quality is not good we need 1080p or Hd.Plz fix it

  21. YoitsurmomzLol

    Hd ?

  22. Tyyj

    Hd ?

  23. Lelenc

    HD PLZ

  24. Conser

    Hd plz

  25. FIX IT

    HD ? Plz!

  26. Kayden

    Ok thank you for your response sorry for wasting your time

  27. BatFlix

    @Kayden - This is CAM quality. HD will arrive long after the movie stops being in cinemas.

  28. Kayden

    Pls fix it

  29. Kayden

    Where hd at

  30. Kayden

    Fix the graphics pls I really want to see this film in better quality

  31. Kayden

    The graphics are not that good

  32. Kayden

    Can we get better graphics pls

  33. Freeloader

    Wrong movie bro

  34. CraigRz

    Not even the movie

  35. Jess

    Nit even the movie ?!!

  36. wtf


  37. micheal jeffordson

    hd coming?

  38. BatFLIX

    It is fixed now. Enjoy! :)

  39. alex

    not the movie

  40. Bat

    Yah were is the HD BRO

  41. Rory

    Where is that HD bro