Blue Story (2019)

Blue Story (2019)


Feature adaptation of Rapman's YouTube series about two young friends who become rivals in a street war.
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  1. bunny ponydk

    keeps stopping

  2. Fade

    It keeps pausing!!!!!!

  3. Driller

    Free marco

  4. Yooooo

    F for the people who cant watch it

  5. shane

    **** this

  6. Reng Sayede

    Ndl spam

  7. Realism

    Absolute ****

  8. Rapman Gap teeth man

    Loool 3 marco

  9. jimmy

    xdsmhjvert kbynu6

  10. Switch

    Free Marco

  11. PHB

    I am u Packham boy

  12. SE15

    I am u Pennyboy

  13. Bill gates

    I aggre with you Jeff

  14. Bill gates

    I join with u jeff

  15. Jeff bezoz

    This is insane

  16. None of ur business

    This is the best film ever in London Edmonton

  17. It the best film


  18. Aye yo

    I had no problems watching it

  19. Yunger

    It keeps stopping

  20. Skrrrr

    Great keeps stopping tho but minor

  21. Skrrrr

    It loads up after some Time and also 24 mins in it didnโ€™t load then it worked the problem is it keeps stopping

  22. BLM


  23. Bals

    24 mins in it donโ€™t load my man

  24. Freddie


  25. Freddie


  26. Freddie


  27. Freddie


  28. Freddie


  29. Freddie


  30. Carole baskin

    This **** ainโ€™t loading

  31. Carole baskin

    This **** ainโ€™t loading

  32. Carole baskin

    This **** ainโ€™t loading

  33. Slimrecord

    This is great

  34. Nigar

    Gg my man

  35. Nigar

    F*ck this

  36. Rapman

    Welcome to london aka the dungeon

  37. Rapman

    Welcome to london aka the dungeon

  38. Epic games

    Can you add a Fortnite film ๐ŸŽฅ

  39. Slimrecord

    Good quality

  40. Bl8ds

    Damn, blue story was good and deep

  41. Slimrecord

    It is really good

  42. Yazoo

    Ngl I feel ashamed watching this in ramadhan but I rlly wanna watch this movie soo...

  43. Slimrecord

    What movie did you watch?

  44. Slimrecord

    Be quick

  45. Fortnite

    Can you sort this problem out

  46. Fortnite

    Why is it taking really long

  47. Slimrecord

    Why does it take a long time?

  48. Slimrecord

    Does anyone have to Fortnite ๐Ÿ˜

  49. Slimrecord

    God sake

  50. Slimrecord


  51. Slimrecord

    Why is it very long to load?

  52. Jjesko

    Does it take bare long for it to load for u guys

  53. Splashyno

    Ramadan kareem

  54. ryan n shane

    gang ****

  55. ryan n shane

    banging quality on me

  56. ryan n shane

    banging quality on me

  57. Delly

    It wonโ€™t ****ing play can someone tell me how

  58. younger

    some mad quality tho i rate u lot

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  61. Cmon gfgg

    Thatโ€™s mad still love for that

  62. AhmedA1190

    maddest **** ever yk

  63. BadManTingz


  64. DeffoDead

    Rahhman waitin for a second part you know,

  65. Your mum

    It wont work ffs๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ก

  66. ???

    i think alot of people have come here for a second time to watch it and has a real impact on alot of people

  67. Feds

    Yall dun for ennit

  68. General Gaming

    Arctic Fn why you here im general gaming

  69. You cunts

    Bunch of pricks this is a free movie site suck your mums

  70. ArcticFN on youtube

    If u fr Andrew then my Instagram is s_wells9, get in contact

  71. ArcticFN on youtube

    Andrew are u fr bro?? If this is actually you omg Iโ€™m so happy

  72. Andrew Onwubolu

    Show some love to articfn brill fortnite montages and everyone sub to him and for people thinking im not real i am

  73. ArcticFN on youtube

    For the people posting and watching this, if your really supporting rap man, u wonโ€™t watch suttin thatโ€™s uploaded illegally , u ****ing fraudsters man , Andrew has worked incredibly hard to create a movie that can change peopleโ€™s lives and get them moving in the right direction. Please stop posting these.

  74. Andrew Onwubolu

    Man get this taken down Itโ€™s my movie and itโ€™s illegal, if you want the film then pay for it smh๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  75. Big boy

    Good job

  76. Big boy

    Good job

  77. Big boy

    Good job

  78. please add the movie

    hello, can you please add miracle in cell no.7 2019 turkish version ive been looking for it for ages and i cant seem to find it

  79. repo dat ped .com

    gwagwan youngsters

  80. mandem

    big up da man who put dis here

  81. caleb

    yo niko

  82. police

    wag1 youngsters how it be fools

  83. Timmy 7

    Big up Ndl

  84. Timmy

    **** marco blud hope that guy gets put 6 feet under in his cell styl

  85. DemonDappz

    we need a HD tho, anyways, big up for bringin this to da net styl

  86. niko omalana

    big up the NDL

  87. Ching-ling

    Omg Iโ€™m going to show my Japanese mom This movie yaay

  88. bigman tingggg


  89. Santa

    Your not getting presents for watching this illegally!

  90. Rapman

    So what the catch bruv how we watchin dis 4 free?

  91. Good work

    Waiting for that HD. Good work tho

  92. Fake app


  93. BlueBlood

    Thank you